Friday, December 26, 2008

October - Erie Orchard

For a fun family activity on a Friday evening we all went to the orchard and went through the corn maze. We got lost quite a lot but did make it out. Then we bought cider and doughnuts to have afterwards. Everyone was pretty silly the whole time.


Happy 8th Birthday Kaly! We Love you!

Cute Kaly. We could never have to many dolls for her to take care of. She just loves them. I Love you Kaly! Happy Birthday!

U of M Football

The Big boys all went to a Michigan game. A tailgate pary was thrown by Deloitte with game tickets included. Let's go Blue!

Look at all the yellow and blue!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Erie Apple Orchard
Preston's 1st field trip and Camden even got to come. It is located almost on the Mich./Ohio border. A great way to kick off the fall season.
We went on a hay ride.

We learned all about how they make the cider, store the apples, and we had a delicious doughnut and hot cider too.

We got to pick apples.
By the end we wanted to have our own orchard!

Preston has homework from preschool. He reminds me, " Mom I have to do my homework for Mrs. Rosiak. " I hope he is always this excited to do his homework.:)

Camden, Dayton and Preston taking turns shooting the airsoft gun.
September 2008
It is time for school to starts again. I always feel a little bit sad. Especially after a summer of so much fun, family, friends, and sun. The Hendricks family loves summer because we can just live outside. Preston starts preschool this year. He is so excited to be big like the rest of his siblings.
Camden is also excited to have Hyrum Davis live only 4 minutes from our house. They are in the same classroom for kindergarten this year and they even ride the bus together!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dayton, Kaly, Camden, and Brenna doing stunts while waiting for the waves to come back. How come my kids are the only ones in the deep end?

We had a blast while Aunt Jody and Brenna were visiting us in August. From swimming to shopping to eating or just snuggling at night and catching up on missed time.

Preston is all smiles when we are at the pool!

Kaly shows off her mucsles at the wave pool.
This past July we went on a 3 week family vacation that took us from Michigan to Utah and then on to Idaho. We then ventured all the way to San Francisco CA and back to Lake Tahoe and eventually all the way back to Michigan. We had a super duper fun filled trip and got to see almost everyone in both of our families. We then realized we need to get back more often. Every couple of years just isn't quite enough for the kids to remember the names of all their cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Dayton with his cousins after their parasailing trip of 1400 feet. The boat broke down and they had to be brought back on a rescue raft. Good thing the parasailing equipment held up.

Preston almost made it to the end of our hike through the mountains in Tahoe. Thank heaven for Dad, I think he carried him a whole mile or more back to the cabins that afternoon.

All the Grandkids on Jared's side taking a little break from family photos. Getting the wiggles out!

Preston loved crawdad fishing while we were in Lake Taho. We even ate them! Yum!